Dana Elizabeth O'Neal


Matthew Wells Skelly

Dana Elizabeth O'Neal and Matthew Wells Skelly

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Our Story

Dana and Matt met in April 2011. Dana had moved to Boston the previous year for a job after college, and was out for a night spending time with friends visiting from out of town (notably involving Tyler, Mark, Dre, Amanda, Jaci, Jody, Elinor, and Meredith). Meredith had also invited Matt to come out and meet Tyler that night.

Over the next six years Matt & Dana saw each other a couple times each year, usually at CommuniTyler, to catch up and remain friends. That changed, however, after CommuniTyler in 2017 when they shared a car ride for the first time back to Dana's apartment and began to realize there might be more than a friendship brewing. They've been basically inseparable ever since, and have found something in each other that they'd both always hoped to find.

After CommuniTyler in 2018, Matt convinced Dana to leave the after party early to again head back to her apartment together, except this time he had bigger plans in mind. They got engaged that day on her roof in the rain (because Matt's not big on backup plans).

The couple lives in Boston now, but the Hartford area has a special place in their hearts for all the weekends they spent there while Matt was living in West Hartford. They hope you'll do them the honor of joining them there as they embark on the journey of married life.
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